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High-tech materials

SAKASE ADTECH CO., LTD. is a unique R&D company and a sole manufacturer of ‘the triaxial woven fabrics’ in the world.
The antenna material for artificial satellites takes up a remarkable 60% of world share. Our company is, an insider would know, so to speak, ‘a small but the greatest company in the world’.

As a research-and-development-related company, we develop and manufacture triaxial woven fabrics and composite materials optimized for a wide range of industrial fields covering from space to sports sectors including fishing rods and golf shafts, with our textile processing technology unparalleled in the world. Moreover, we have been sample marketing new triaxial woven thermoplastic fabrics, suggesting the application of the products to the design processing fields, for example, molding and creation, and engaged in their development and sales.
We are committed to contributing to the technological innovation of our customers by using our time-honored R&D assets, so that we can meet increasingly diversified customer needs in pursuit of ever affluent society.

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Company name SAKASE ADTECH CO., LTD.
Representative President & CEO
Chief Executive Officer
Yoshiharu Sakai
Location 14-10 Shimoyasuda,Maruoka-cho,Sakai-City,
Fukui-Ken,Japan 910-0363
T E L +81-776-66-2115
F A X +81-776-66-0173