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Triaxial Woven Fabric to be active in many fields

T.W.F.composite for Space
Our Research and Development Activity for Space structure.

The composite material made of T.W.F. has the successful heritage in the Communication Satellite market and probes as Industrial Antenna Reflector material.
We are now working on the research and development of the Space Inflatable Structure technology, wherein large mission equipment is required to store in compact as possible for a launch and then deploy large structure in space, as the next‐generation space structure technology.
Recently, we have succeed in the development of extensible antenna and extensible mast with using T.W.F. composite. They have been put for practical use and demonstration, for the observation equipment and experimental devices to be mounted on the sounding rockets and an international space station’s mission.

Features of Triaxial Woven Fabric.

◎light weight due to mesh shape
◎excellent shape retaining
◎quasi isotropic
◎low-thermal expansion coefficient

Product example using “T.W.F.”

We’re working on research and development of space deployable structure by making use ideas and material technology.