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Triaxial Woven Fabric to be active in many fields

Triaxial Woven Fabric with thermoplastic polyester

In contrast to conventional(biaxial) woven fabric with two yarn ends interwoven at 90°angles.
T.W.F.(Triaxial Woven Fabric)is formed by a revolutionary new weaving process,in which three yarn ends are woven at 60°angles.
Two warp ends and one weft end are interwoven at equal angles to produce a fabric having characteristics not found in conventional woven fabric : a light-weight, heavy-duty, tear-resistant fabric. Using a conjugate fiber with a high melting-point core and a low melting-point sheath, the fabric can be molded using a heat press process.
Especially, T.W.F. has excellent flexibility on curved surface, and can be molded deep drawn shape.

Technical Key Word
◎Thin Skinned ◎Lightweight ◎Good workability to Shape ◎Deep Drawn Shape Available 
◎Flexible on curved Surface ◎Stable Dimentions ◎Shape Restoration

material for interior construction

Product example using “T.W.F.”
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Product ExamplesProduct ExamplesProduct Examples